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 Rules In LTR

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PostSubject: Rules In LTR   Mon May 28, 2007 3:52 pm

We are an active guild that wants to progress asap!!

Our Raid Days : Monday-Thursday + Sunday ( 18:00 - 23:00 )

You need to atleast sign for 3/5 raids or else we wont see you active enough and it will end up with gkick. ( if you dont have a good reason ofc )

We're Using DKP in raids.

DKP for first raid: +10dkp
Boss dead first time --- double dkp: +40
Boss dead: +20dkp
Boss wipe: +5dkp
DKP/hour: +10dkp

Signing but not showing up: -40dkp
Leaving raid when not an officer has been notified before raid: -40dkp

Signing up for a raid but cant come because the raid is full makes you an outsitter. When you get outsitted on a raid you get half the amount of dkp as the rest of the raid, IF you are online and ready if we need you.

Officers may bend on the rules.

And we dont aim for the peoples gear. We aiming for the experiances and the activity from the members.

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Rules In LTR
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