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 Hunterpowah app.

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PostSubject: Hunterpowah app.   Sat Apr 28, 2007 12:27 am

Hello guys

- Name.
- Carex
- Lvl.
- 70.

- Class.
- Hunter

- Race.
- Dwarf.

- Gear profile.
I have not made
I got 2050ap + 20 crit in dps gear.
I got the best bow on server^^

- Any server tranfer or bought account. [if so we would like to know why or where from]
- Nope. I havent transfered of bought my account.

- Age.
- 17 years.

- Nationality.
- Norwegian Viking

- Previous raiding experince.
- ZG(full), MC(full), BWL(Full), AQ20(full), AQ40, 3 bosses in naxx, karazhan, gruuls lair(booth bosses).

- Playtimes and for how many hours ect.
- 115 days and 16 hours on my Hunter. but total wow played time is about 140 days.

- How many hours and days can you raid in a week :
- Everyday, for atleast 3-4 hours.

- Talent build.
- Markmanship own in damage + a little surv for arena.

- Past guilds. [names and server]
- Norwegian Legion(Darksorrow), Eternal Ownage(Darksorrow), Vendetta(Darksorrow), Karskdrekkarlage(Darksorrow) and Forgotten Heroes(Darksorrow).

- Access to. [instances]
all 5 man instance, karazhan and serpent shine thing.

- Professions. [requirement is 300 first aid]
- 375 first aid, 375 engineering, 100 herb. my warrior (375 herb - 345 alch)

- Friends in Laid To Rest.
My real life friend timangi

- Reason you wanna join us.
- I wanna join Laid To Rest beacause i want to have a PvE guild with which i can progress with and get in guild with rl friend.

- Reason we should accept you.
- Im skilled, great geared, to nerdy and pwns.

- And a little info about the player behind the character.
- im a 17 years old dude who play to mutch wow who realy not to stop.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunterpowah app.   Sat Apr 28, 2007 12:46 am

Hello m8.

I've seen your gear. And it looks promising.

Hope you're skills in pve is as good as your pvp eq ^^.

Welcome to the guild m8.

i will /w in-game.

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Hunterpowah app.
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