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 Sparx Level 70 gnome mage :)

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PostSubject: Sparx Level 70 gnome mage :)   Mon Apr 23, 2007 6:53 pm

Name. Sparx
- Lvl. 70
- Class.Mage
- Race. Gnome
- Gear profile. 467+ spell damage soon to be more See my gear on the armory or wisper me in game and ill be abliged to link you my gear Smile
- Any server tranfer or bought account. [if so we would like to know why or where from] Used to play horde on this server (60 Undead priest) but then got fed up of the arrogance and immaturity of the horde so then bought a new account to play alliance
- Age. 17
- Nationality. English
- Previous raiding experince. All of MC/Onyxia/ AQ/and ZG plus Razorgore in BWL. Also have experience of all bosses in karazhan
- Playtimes and for how many hours ect. 17 days,14 hours
- How many hours and days can you raid in a week :I can raid every night and for as long as im needed:)
- Talent build. CUrrently 37/24/0 but willing to respect to any spec that will benefit the guild most

- Past guilds. [names and server]Miscellaneous (horde-Darksorrow), Scumbags (Alliance-Darksorrow)
- Access to. [instances] Just need to go to Black Morass and Arcatraz which im currently looking for a group for then im KArazhan attuned
- Professions. [requirement is 300 first aid] 300 mining, 375 first aid
- Friends in Laid To Rest. N/A

- Reason you wanna join us. Im looking for a good and friendly guild that i can help abd give my talent and knowledge of end game raiding to both better the guild and my gear. Im no loot hoare and my main interest is Having fun with other players
- Reason we should accept you. Im a friendly player and willing to put my self out for the guild, I have previous experience of End game raiding at both level 60 and level 70.
- And a little info about the player behind the character. IM 17, just finished school and currently looking for a job. Thank you for spending your time to read this application and I hope that one day i may be apart of your community Smile Fell free to wisper me ingame when ever im online and ill be glad to solve any of your queries
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PostSubject: Re: Sparx Level 70 gnome mage :)   Fri Apr 27, 2007 10:06 am

Hey Sparx.

I'd suggest you gear up abit and get around 600-700 spell damage.
A good way to do so is to get high reputation with factions that have rewards you can use and simply farm instances for items. Karazhan is pretty gear-dependant at certain occasions.

Though I'm not an officer, this is what I suggest.
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PostSubject: Re: Sparx Level 70 gnome mage :)   Fri Apr 27, 2007 7:23 pm


Nice application mate. Were currently looking for a mage but still, like drauz said. Your spell dmg is a bit low. And some bosses in Karazhan are really gear dependant.
If we take you into the guild, your main mission will be to get better spelldmg. Meaing exacly what Drauz just said.
Message Kzn or Dreņon in game. And we'll see what we can do. Smile

Kind regards.

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PostSubject: Re: Sparx Level 70 gnome mage :)   

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Sparx Level 70 gnome mage :)
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