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 Timangi, lvl 70 Paladin.

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PostSubject: Timangi, lvl 70 Paladin.   Sat Apr 21, 2007 7:21 pm

Hello guys Wink

- Name.
- Timangi.

- Lvl.
- 70.

- Class.
- Paladin.

- Race.
- Human.

- Gear profile.
- http://armory.wow-europe.com/?#character-sheet.xml?r=Darksorrow&n=Timangi
I've got about 1.2k healing+ and 8000 - 9000 mana unbuffed.

- Any server tranfer or bought account. [if so we would like to know why or where from]
- Nope. I havent transfered of bought my account.

- Age.
- 16 years.

- Nationality.
- Norwegian Viking Wink

- Previous raiding experince.
- ZG(full), MC(full), BWL(Full), AQ20(full), AQ40(up to Huhuran) and Karazhan(up to Curator).

- Playtimes and for how many hours ect.
- 30 days and 15 hours on my pala. but total wow played time is about 90-100 days.

- How many hours and days can you raid in a week :
- Everyday, for atleast 3-4 hours.

- Talent build.
- I'm 41 holy / 20 prot specced atm. PvE / Arena specc.

- Past guilds. [names and server]
- Norwegian Legion(Darksorrow), Eternal Ownage(Darksorrow), Overkill Gaming(Darksorrow), Karskdrekkarlage(Darksorrow) and Dreamstate(Darksorrow).

- Access to. [instances]
- Attuned for Karazhan and Coilfang heroic's. (Allmost Hellfire and Lower City heroics)

- Professions. [requirement is 300 first aid]
- 375 first aid, and skilling up Blacksmithing / Mining.

- Friends in Laid To Rest.
- None Sad

- Reason you wanna join us.
- I wanna join Laid To Rest beacause i want to have a PvE guild with which i can progress with. Smile

- Reason we should accept you.
- This is the hard part. :p I think you should accept me beacause I'm active, skilled and decent geared.

- And a little info about the player behind the character.
- The player behind Timangi is a weird 16 year old boy from Norway. :p i consider myself polite, friendly and not childish.
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PostSubject: Re: Timangi, lvl 70 Paladin.   Sat Apr 21, 2007 7:36 pm

You got the gear and attuned to whats needed. And i really hope you got the skills. And i saw you have been up for curator. And thats where we are now atm.

Anyway, your app sounds promissing and we are willing to take you with us.

Welcome to the guild m8 Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Timangi, lvl 70 Paladin.   Sat Apr 21, 2007 7:36 pm

The app. looks good m8, /w me(Dreņon) or Kzn in game for an invite Smile

// Laid to Rest officers

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PostSubject: Re: Timangi, lvl 70 Paladin.   

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Timangi, lvl 70 Paladin.
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